Y’all seen that doc on Woodstock 99?….sheesh.

It’s the 40th anniversary of MTV this month and I’m over the moon at these music documentaries coming out with archival footage because finally, you know, it’s history. It’s music history and we’re getting to see what we are like and who we’ve been and provide some much needed perspective.

On a related note, I’ve been trying to get the energy up to make more playlists. I’ve been on a bit of a break this summer trying to “rejuvenate”. I made the 2000s alt/nu-metal playlist a few years ago when I started this blog and I wanted to follow up with an Evolution for both nu-metal and post-grunge. And I really wanted to put them out at the same time because, although they get linked together as part of an era, The Rage Against the Machine inspired sound of rap-metal/nu-metal that continued hits different than the post-grunge energy inspired by Nirvana. So I wanted to line everything up, it’s fun. also, Kittie rips.

Listen to Post-Grunge Evolution and Nu-Metal Evolution now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Also, here’s a new episode on mixcloud of post-grunge favorites! (nu metal’s up next)

Thanks for reading. Happy listening 🙂


Posted by:cj


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