Hey y’all 🙂 New Digs is refreshed with our favorites from last month featuring the latest from Hayes Peebles, Drug Church 🙏🏾 and eight other sunny new tunes we hope you’ll enjoy. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Here’s the list of everyone were into this from April:

Drug Church // Tawny
Alfa Mist // Coasting
Erika De Casier // Polite
Hayes Peebles // Iowa
Fiddlehead // Heart to Heart
lilac queen // fences
Stay Fossa // Hypocritic
Wombo // Dreamscicle
Ariel View // Temporary
Gangz // Numb
Faye Webster // Cheers

Check out the the latest New Digs on Spotify and Apple Music and YouTube.

The goal of New Digs is to celebrate and elevate great new music, more often of the independent variety.

If you have an upcoming single or album you’d like us to review for New Digs, we’d love to hear it. Please follow Indie Digs on Instagram and/or Twitter and send us an email: indiedigs [at] dinosaurhawk.com

Happy listening!


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