Welcome to the new year with New Digs! We’re finally starting to crawl out of bed and get our shit together over here. My year doesn’t really start until my birthday, which is next week, so ya know. Yeah. VERY excited to be getting back to the playlist and adding more new lists & segments over this year. This month’s featured artist is our good friend Hayes Peebles! Back with his latest single $57.00. Head on over to his Bandcamp and sling him some love.

Here’s the list of everything we’re into this month:

Dallas // Sour Cherry
Lomeli // You Were Right About the Motions
Hayes Peebles // $57.00
Reptile Room // Shadows
Zakoor // Love Love Love
Squitch // Egg
Soft Blue Shimmer // Hold You in the Warm
Dale Jr. // Sun Sickness

Ladrones // Coronita
Snõõper // Pod
Camp Trash // Bobby
(Pekin Bike) Пекинский Велосипед // Лучшее в городе место
shame // Born in Luton
Another Michael // I Know You're Wrong
Challenger Deep // The Great Calamity

Check out the January 2021 New Digs playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and YouTube.

The goal of New Digs is to celebrate and elevate great new music, more often of the independent variety.

If you have an upcoming single or album you’d like us to review for New Digs, we’d love to hear it. Please follow Indie Digs on Instagram and/or Twitter and send us an email: indiedigs [at] dinosaurhawk.com

Happy listening!


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