If nothing else, 2020 – whilst forcibly galvanizing the entertainment industry 😒 – brought music, movies and t.v series into our homes more accessibly than ever before, and boy did we need it. I miss going to shows. I’d like to personally thank the following for getting me through last year, and then yeah I’d like to move on like everyone else. I think this year I’m going to just watch a lot of Rom-Coms. I started off pretty strong last week with re-watching Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. It was better than I remembered, although, *spoiler alert* pretty wild that Rosalee chose Topher Grace’s character in this situation. I know that was the set up from jump, but Tad was actually pretty cool, and a true romantic. Not running in at the last minute to save face after


I prefer Topher Grace in Mona Lisa Smile. Actually, come to think of it, he ended up being a tool in that one too. I guess I could try Take Me Home Tonight. Anyway:

1. The Photograph by Stella Meghie.

This was the last movie I saw in theaters and it is beautiful.

2. The HBO Max series Love Life

Smart! Anna Kendrick nailing NYC early 2010s life, and bringing home some real conversation topics! Took me right over to Sam Boyd’s debut feature In A Relationship, which was cute. Season 2, please? More from Sam. Ya know what, I’m gonna watch this again.

3. The album The Slow Rush by Tame Impala.

Premonition much, Kev?

4. The song B.S. by Jhené Aiko feat. H.E.R.

Mood all year.

5. The album Purple Noon by Washed Out.

Going through some things.

6. The Netflix series You

This shit is crazy, dude. Season two was my fave. L.A. is so pretty. Y’all remember John Tucker Must Die? I just started watching Gossip Girl and realized Josh Schwartz had Penn pick up the Seth Cohen torch for the series, which ipso facto, JTMD! I know, I’m late, but I can’t believe I missed this! Also digging the “music/art” version of Sandy Cohen in Rufus Humphrey. This has inspired an entirely separate article, brb.

7. The HULU series PEN15.

Uh. yeah. ❤️

8. Ben Gibbard’s Live From Home YouTube sessions that I missed because it was too beautiful to be real and I simply could not deal with it emotionally but will now cherish for the rest of 2021.

He’s a rider. I’m a Stan.

9. The Netflix series Emily in Paris

Social media! impressions! and visibility for the Second City.

10. Letterboxd.

Oh man, y’all. I watched 302 films in 2020. 153 for the first time. It held me up when my mind went swirling each time I remembered that I hadn’t left my apartment in four days, and that the world was…

If You Say So Shrug GIF

My Top 5 ended up being:

  1. Baby Driver
  2. Miss Juneteenth
  3. Thirteen
  4. Columbus
  5. Jennifer’s Body

Here’s the full list in case you’d like to spend some time.

11. The movie Cocktail

Need I say more?

12. YouTube’s Collection of On Cinema at the Cinema with Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington.

13. Pioneers in Film Education

Raising a glass to Seed and Spark,

Women’s Weekend Film Challenge,

and Sundance Collab for holding webinar sessions and providing education throughout the year, opening their resources to even more filmmakers at low or no cost. 🥂

14. Phoebe Robinson’s Amazon special Yearly Departed


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