Mood entering 2021. Slowcore, our latest playlist spanning favorite sounds of the genre, inspired by the essensce of The American Analog Set, is now live on Spotify and Apple Music.

There isn’t much that words can say about AAS. They are unlike any other band in the way that it’s hard to match their unique arrangements and pacing to anyone else that is or has been out there on the indie scene – the drums, the keys. Know By Heart is an all time classic, I actually listen to it every time I fly because I’m a creature of routine and it has this way of grounding. The Postman, Choir Vandals, Gone To Earth. Aaron and Maria is in my first short film which you can watch on Vimeo because it has Aaron and Maria in it lmao.

Some of the other bands I’m glad I got to meet while making this are Devics and The Declining Winter, and you’ll find trusty cohorts of the sound Codeine, Bedhead, et. al. this iconic, droned out lusciousness always inspires me to take a slow, deep breath, definitely drive around, certainly light a candle or two, and reset.

Listen to Slowcore now on Spotify & Apple Music.

Posted by:cj

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