20 years ago, my family reunited in Philly. It was summer, and my mom, dad, brother and I went to this outdoor concert that was hella black, and epic, and Jill Scott performed and we got to meet her!! It was insane – I think Mary Mary was there. Also, Jill Scott was my first concert, at 13, girl. my brother took me…that was probably at the Mann? And I pretty much listened to Who Is, Ajuswaneseng, and Juslisen for the entirety of my middle-school career and learned nearly everything I understand about love from these two!! damn. Carl Thomas, Avant, Jagged Edge? JOE. ALICIA. ASHANTI. excuse me?! I cherish this era of R&B, who doesn’t at this point? But it meant a lot in our house and we loved to boogie around and shake our little butts and sing along in the car, and get in our feelings, and reflect, and feel grateful.

Today’s my Dad’s birthday!! So, to honor that, I’m posting this playlist of 00s R&B favorites. Enjoy!

Listen to 00s R&B now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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