Hey friends. The New Digs playlist is refreshed for August!

The world continues to be a doozy, to say the absolute very least, so I’m going to keep the cover still for a while. A moment of silence of sorts as we continue to celebrate great new music coming out of humans through all of this 🙂

Listen to “New Digs” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Here are all the wonderful artists with recent releases to watch for August 2020:

Teenage Wrist - Silverspoon
Ela Minus - megapunk
Tkay Maidza ft. Kari Faux - Don't Call Again
C Smith - Overwhelmed
Ball Park Music - Cherub
Terry Presume - Don't Play Yourself
BlankFor.ms - 92 Senses
Kibra - Rain or Shine 
Death Valley Girls - Hold My Hand

Check out the August 2020 New Digs playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and YouTube.

The goal of New Digs is to celebrate and elevate great new music, more often of the independent variety.

If you have an upcoming single or album you’d like us to review for New Digs, we’d love to hear it. Please follow Indie Digs on Instagram and/or Twitter and send us an email: indiedigs@dinosaurhawk.com

Happy listening!


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